Last updateMi, 02 Okt 2019 8am

Will Rouhani meet Trump?

While the Trump administration has dramatically increased the danger of a U.S. military attack on Iran, direct meetings between officials of the two countries have now become a possibility

Nobody can be “Comfortable” with Regime Change involvimg MEK

… So, when Giuliani says we should be “comfortable” with this group, right-minded people the world over can honestly and unequivocally answer, “No, we are not comfortable ignoring this harsh reality just because the MEK amplifies an anti-Iran message to the world, and no, we don’t believe the MEK have any kind of future in Iran”.

MEK a Cult With a Missing Leader

All cults in the world are composed of a base and top of the pyramid. The top of the pyramid is the highest position in a cult that finds itself needless to consult and decides on the basis of its own thoughts or desires.