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Up To Date - No 114, April 2019

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Up To Date - No 114, April 2019


Prisoners of Their Own Rebellion The Cult-Like Group Fighting Iran

Members of the Trump administration have been providing support to a political sect that aims to topple the Iranian regime in Tehran. Around 2,000 of its members live in a camp in Albania. Former members say it subjected followers to psychological terror.
By Luisa Hommerich , February 18, 2019



The ‘political cult’ opposing the Iranian regime which has created a state within a state in Albania

… An Iranian exile group that is a darling of Washington conservatives has set up what critics describe as “a state within a state” inside the tiny Balkan nation of Albania. From a well-guarded 84-acre (340,000 square metres, or 34 hectares) property it has forged on a hillside in the Albanian countryside, the group – called the People’s Mujahedin Organisation …

Borzou Dargahi, THE INDEPENDENT, Originally published September 28 2018